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Best Coaxial Cable for 4K – Get High Definition Picture Quality




Best coaxial cable for 4K

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Who doesn’t like the highest picture quality and realistic viewing experience? 

We live in technologically-driven times where everything is magical. A decade ago we wouldn’t have imagined that this was possible, but here we are! However, we are still not advanced enough for things to be at their best automatically. We need to buy a few additional things such as a coaxial cable for the highest definition picture quality.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Belden 4855R 4K Ultra-High-Definition Coax Cable for 12G

Belden 4855R 4K Ultra-High Definition Coax Cable for 12G-SDI

Best Value

MyCableMart 3ft 6G-SDI (4K) BNC Coax Cable

MyCableMart 6G-SDI BNC Coax Cable for 4K

But, we have received a common concern that we would like to address first before we speak to you about the best coaxial cable for 4K.

Are all Coaxial Cables the Same?

No, they are not. There are multiple types of coaxial cables. The six main ones are Hardline, RG-6, RG-59, tri-axial, semi-rigid, and twin-axial. Out of these, RG-6 and RG-59 are commonly used. But, if you talk about HD quality picture, you must pick out the RG-6 coaxial cables. These are specifically meant for satellite, TV, and broadband Internet. RG-59 may also be used at times based on various factors. 

Best Coaxial Cable for 4K

Now, let’s look at the best coaxial cables for a 4K quality picture.

1. Alvin’s Cables 12G HD SDI Video Coaxial Cable for 4K

Alvin’s Cables 12G HD SDI Video Coaxial Cable

This 1-meter wire from Alvin’s Cables is a great choice because it is reliable, strong, and extremely durable. It comes with multiple features that make it stand out. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. This is a 75-Ohm cable with 2 male connectors.
  2. It supports video signals as well as RF signals. However, its main function is to transfer high quality video signals.
  3. It is an 18 AWG gauge that’s FPE insulated. It also has high density OFC braided shielding. Both these, put together, ensure that there’s no RF or EMI interference whatsoever.
  4. The frequency that you can expect with these cables is 0~2 GHz. 

2. Belden 4855R 4K Ultra-High Definition Coax Cable for 12G-SDI

Belden 4855R 4K Ultra-High-Definition Coax Cable for 12G

Very popular for its durability, the Belden coax cable promises “ultra-high definition” picture quality. But, what makes it stand apart? What are the features that make it a must-buy? Let’s take a look:

  1. It is a sub-miniature coax cable with 12 GHz. 
  2. It has gas-injected foam HDPE insulation.
  3. There’s a duo-coil that’s bonded to the core in the cable. This is teamed with a tinned copper braid shield. Together, they promise 95% coverage, making it very safe for use.
  4. The coax has a 23 AWG solid 0.23-inch silver-plated copper conductor.
  5. The resistance is 75 Ohm. 
  6. It has a PVC jacket.

3. MyCableMart 6G-SDI BNC Coax Cable for 4K

MyCableMart 3ft 6G-SDI (4K) BNC Coax Cable

Affordable, trustworthy, and easy-to-use, the MyCableMart coax cable is your perfect companion, especially if you are on a tight budget. But, does it compromise on features because it is fairly priced? Not at all! Go through its features to find out yourself:

  1. It supports 6 Gbps & above and 4K videos at 30Hz.
  2. It has PVC molded end connectors.
  3. The resistance it offers is 75 Ohm, just like the others on this list.
  4. It is a professional, high-grade connector with fully-wrapped shielding. 
  5. It complies with all SMPTE ST-2081 6G-SDI standards.
  6. The connectors are gold-plated.

4. Five Star Cable UL RG59 Siamese CCTV Cable – Combo

Five Star Cable 1000 ft. RG59 Siamese

Looking to buy cables in bulk for your entire house? The Five Star Cable is your answer. This combo of 20 AWG RG-59 coax cables will fulfil all your cable needs in one shot. Let’s skim through their features:

  1. In the package, you get a 1000-feet cable with a 20 AWG centre conductor.
  2. The entire cable is CCAM (Copper clad aluminium and magnesium)
  3. It offers 95% coverage braid shield.
  4. The jacket is made up of PVC.
  5. It is ISO 9000 certified.
  6. It can be used for component video, RGBHV video, composite video, and surveillance systems.
  7. You can use this outdoors as well.

5. Neutrik BNC Male to Male 12G HD SDI Video Coaxial Cable for 4K Video Camera

Neutrik BNC Male to Male 12G HD SDI Video Coaxial Cable

This is a 75-Ohm coaxial cable with 2 male connectors. It has specifically been designed to transfer radio frequencies and video signals. However, you can be sure that it transfers HD video signals better than most. We have listed out a few of its specifications for you here:

  1. It is an 18 AWG gauge cable that is FPE insulated. It also has high-density OFC braided shielding. These are important features because they work to remove interferences from EMI and RF.
  2. The length of the cable is 1 meter.
  3. The shelter is doubled thanks to the internal copper net and aluminium-foil paper.
  4. The frequency you can expect here is 0~2 GHz.
  5. The connector cover is AL.

There you have it! These are some of the best options on the market right now. We suggest that you conduct thorough research, compare, and choose the best. Make sure you prioritize requirement over cost so that the cable you pick is durable, lasts longer, and serves your purpose. All the best!

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