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How to Use a Cable Splitter – Step by Step Guide




How to Use a Cable Splitter Step By Step Guide

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Cable splitter is one of those inventions that make us feel blessed for technology and innovations. Who knew there could be equipment that can help you split the signal between multiple devices. If you are new to all this tech stuff, let me give you a little intro about the cable splitter and its working.

What is a Cable Splitter?

Cable Splitter

A cable splitter is an equipment or tool that helps to split the signal between multiple devices at a time. Depending upon how many devices you want to connect, you can opt for 2-way, 3-way, 4-way and even a 16-way configuration cable splitter. 

This device is designed to split the signal without losing the signal’s strength and allow users to get proper signal transmission and output without any problems. 

How to Use a Cable Splitter for TV?

Cable Splitter for TV

One can use a cable splitter for TV to get the cable signal on more than one television just by using the one signal. That means you have to provide an input through a single coaxial cable to the splitter, and you can get as many output signals as you want. But now the query is; How to use a cable splitter! You can use 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way, or 8-way cable splitter as per your needs. There are also splitters available with more output options.

Mainly, all the cable operators provide a ground cable which connects the television of your house. But by using the best cable splitter, you can distribute the same signal to the other TV or the devices in your home seamlessly. Professionals use splitters to connect two or more televisions or high-speed internet and cable TV, etc.

If you want to connect the wires in the mentioned way and run multiple televisions, you should keep in mind a few things.

  • You can buy multiple cable splitters with 16 connections.
  • Cable splitters come in many different sizes, and you can choose them as per your need, like from a two way to an eight-way splitter.
  • It is crucial to purchase a splitter that can connect with broadband internet signals.
  • The more signals you run, the more intermittent problems may occur, and even there are some chances of degrading the picture quality.
  • Standard cable TV splitters do not have the bandwidth which can be connected to the internet services.

How to Connect Cable Splitter?

Connect Cable Splitter

Step 1: Locate the main cable line installed by the cable operator and try to connect the splitter to the receiver. It will be a black or silver male connector in the receiver’s ‘out’ port and the splitter’s ‘in’ port. 

Step 2: Measure and buy the extra cable and connect one end to each coaxial cable from the end of the main cable to the separate output port on the splitter. Don’t forget to buy one different cable to reconnect the original device. You can get such wires from any of the hardware stores.

Step 3Use the cables to connect the devices to the splitter by adjusting cable length. Locate the female connector on the cable splitter to the input port of each TV. Turn the main cable connector right side and tighten the screw.

Step 4: Connect two coaxial cables to the ‘output’ ports on the other end of the splitter if you use the two-way splitter. When connecting the splitter, leave enough space for the cable to fit it around the TV stand. Try to keep it out of sight.

Step 5: Turn on the receiver when all the televisions are connected to the splitter. When you activate the setup box, one menu will be appearing on the TV, which will guide you through the setup steps.

Points to keep in mind before you start
  • Before beginning the process, disconnect all the TVs, recorders, and other devices from the TV sockets.
  • Make sure you don’t cut the cables without disconnecting them from the power. 
  • To connect your splitter for the Internet, ensure to install a wireless router to the spot where you often use your PC or laptop to get a good speed.

Types of TV signal splitters and combiners

  • Regular splitter
  • High bandwidth
  • Signal amplifiers
  • Diplexers (i.e.) Signal Combiners

Concluding Remarks

So, this is it! Though TV signal splitters and combiners are some neglected electronic components, they are essential in many offices or some houses. Let us know which cable splitter you got for your home or office and if this guide helped you understand its installation process. 

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald Avatar
    Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s good to know how to use a splitter without breaking it. I’m not very good with technology, so I always have to look things up before using them. I had no idea I could buy up to an eight-way splitter! That’s crazy.

  2. Lisa wilkerson Avatar
    Lisa wilkerson

    I live in an apartment where we have only one cable coming in, and that one is downstairs. I have been running a cable up the stairs to the cable box while the Internet modem is downstairs by where the cable comes in. I just went and got another cable box for downstairs but can not figure out how to make this work. I was thinking of getting a four-way splitter where I could hook the cable coming inside and the Internet cablet, but I still have the problem of the upstairs cable. I would appreciate any help you can give.
    Thank you

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