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Best Coaxial Cable for Antenna: List of UHF Antenna Connector




Best Coaxial Cable for Antenna

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Coaxial cables have conductors surrounded by an insulating layer and many a time an outer jacket. It is used to convey data, voice, and video communications by cable operators, telephone companies, and internet providers. However, getting the best coaxial cable for the antenna isn’t as easy as it seems. There are several things you need to consider when buying the best coax for tv antenna.

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Exgoofit RG8X

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You need to consider the length of the wire you require. Also, look out for more gauges so that more signals can be transmitted through it. The female and male plugs should also match your requirements as these are available in various plug options. Invest in a good quality coax so that you can enjoy uninterrupted signal transmission. Wondering what is the best coaxial cable for an antenna? We have got your back. 

Go through our list of best coax for VHF/UHF to know more about coax and pick one that suits you the best.

Best Coaxial Cable for Antenna

1. STEREN RG8X PL-259 Coax Connector

STEREN 205-700

The RG8X coax connector from STEREN is a premium quality mini 50-ohm coax that provides outstanding performance in connectivity. It is great for usages in antenna tuner, switch, meter, and main antenna. This wire is a fully molded UHF to UHF antenna that has nickel-plated connectors.

Find out the key features of STEREN RG8X coax:

  1. It is available in various options from 3 feet to 100 feet
  2. It is a better one than RG-8X coax and  recommended for high-powered applications or users who want the best coax 
  3. The PL-259  is ideal for CB, Amateur, and two-way radio applications
  4. It features sturdy construction with low loss copper braid
  5. This comes at an affordable price.


  • It has a very low loss of power
  • This is a great wire for under 100mhz


  • It has a stiff outer jacket difficult to manage for some
  • The shielding braid doesn’t seem like copper

2. Superbat UHF Male to Male PL-259

Superbat UHF Male to Male PL-259

The Superbat coax is a quality UHF coax with PL-259 connectors. It’s a flexible coaxial cable with low loss. These are good quality wires that feature nickel body plating and solid construction. The contact pin on this coax is made of brass, gold plating and the contact point is tin-plated. The connector is UHF female and its material is brass.

Find out the key features of Superbat coax:

  1. This coax can be used to connect antennas, antenna analyzer, dummy load, radio scanner, etc. Its applications are CB radio handheld and amateur radio equipment.
  2. It prevents damage to your radio’s UHF antenna connection.
  3. The adapter on this coax takes all the wear and tear.
  4. It is available in various length options from 2 feet to 12 inches with an impedance of 50 ohms.
  5. This cable has a 1 month replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • It is worth the money spent
  • This one has enough cable length to connect the analyzer to the radio


  • Some users complaint of leakage

3. RG8X Antenna Cable RG8X

This wire from Atlantic Computertech is a step up from standard RG-58 coaxial cable. It is recommended for high-powered applications and is great for long runs to an antenna. You can also use it for portable locations and is sure to give you a good performance.

Find out the key features of RG8X coax:

  1. It is a high-quality premium antenna wire with 2 male connectors
  2. This RG8X works great as jumpers to an antenna tuner, switch, meter, or the main antenna
  3. It is 50 feet long with an impedance of 50 ohm
  4. All the connections inside the cable are soldered
  5. It is a flexible cable that features nickel-plated connectors with low signal loss


  • The connectors are solid
  • It is a cheap and good cable
  • It works for a longer time compared to others


  • Users face high SWR and high loss of power.



The Boobrie UHF is a standard RG58 wire that comes with PL259 adapters at both ends. This cable is flexible and has a low signal loss. It is well built and good for ham radio. The transmission and receptions on this wire are very clear and are worth your money.

Find out the key features of Boobrie RG8X coax:

  1. It is a premium quality wire of 49.2 feet in length.
  2. The connectors on this one are made with pure copper for better connectivity.
  3. It is the perfect coax for projects involving UHF connectors.
  4. It is ideal for CB radio, amateur radio, car mobile radio transceiver, handheld, two-way radio, etc.
  5. The brand provides 12 months warranty and returns service from the date of original purchase.
  6. The package includes 1 piece RG58 UHF pigtail antenna.


  • It supplies good signal strength
  • High-quality build can withstand storms and tornados.


  • No cons could be found

5. Exgoofit RG8X Coaxial Cable

Exgoofit RG8X

The Exgoofit is one of the few wires that provide length options up to 100 feet.  The impedance for this wire is 50 ohms. It is recommended for high-powered applications and use in ham radio, CB radio antennas, and others.

Find out the key features of Exgoofit RG8X coax:

  1. The thickness of the cable is roughly ¼ inches.
  2. It is made of stranded bare copper conductors.
  3. The wire is shielded with aluminum foil and a bare copper braid.
  4. It has molded PL-259 plugs on each end.
  5. All the connections inside are soldered and have nickel-plated brass connectors
  6. You are provided with a 1-year warranty on these coaxes.


  • It works well for VHF/UHF radio antennas
  • This one has a reasonable rate


  • The outer layer is stiff and difficult to handle


Getting the best coaxial cable for antenna is important to enjoy uninterrupted signal transmission. Remember to jot down your requirements before deciding on one. You must pick the correct type of cable that compliments the frequency and impedance your antenna needs. Do you have a favorite coax for your antenna? Let us know in the comments below.

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