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Does a Cable Splitter Reduce Internet Speed – Solution




Does a Cable Splitter Reduce Internet Speed

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Good internet speed and stable connectivity are among the most important things in life. We live in times governed by the internet, be it work or pastime. That’s why, anything that negatively affects the internet speed is unacceptable. We will do anything possible for a workaround. 

However, there are quite a few misconceptions going around as well. While there are multiple factors that affect internet speed, people have added their own assumptions to this list, causing a lot of confusion. One of the doubts revolves around cable splitters. Many homeowners ask us whether a splitter reduces internet speed. If you have the same question, you must read our article till the end.

A Brief About The Cable Splitter 

Cable Splitter

A cable splitter is a simple device that works to split a signal to multiple outlets. This means that one signal can be split to be used on various devices. You can choose from 2-way splitters all the way to 16! That’s how many options you have. Of course, there will be a change in the strength of the signal – it will weaken with each split. 

But what about the speed?

Does a Cable Splitter Reduce Internet Speed?

We have good news here. If you have a good cable splitter, you won’t have to worry about the speed. It won’t reduce the internet speed. Now, you may say that you are using a splitter and the speed has reduced. Of course, that is common. But the splitter itself is rarely the problem. You can get to the root of this issue by troubleshooting. Here are some common reasons behind this problem:

  • The configuration was not done properly
  • Improper installation of the splitter
  • Problem with the DNS server
  • Speed issues from the internet service provider

You can overcome most of these problems by hiring a professional to install the cable splitter for you. A trusted professional will run all the required tests to ensure good strength and speed. If there is an issue, he/she will use a better splitter to solve it. During these tests, he/she will also recognize whether the DNS server is at fault. 

If everything looks okay and the problem still persists, we advise that you check with your ISP. There could be an issue there. Good providers will immediately cater to your complaint and do the needful for you. 

People also ask:

Do Cable Splitters Weaken Signal?

Yes, they do. The more you split your cable, the weaker the signal will get.

Can a Splitter be used for Cable and Internet?

If you get internet and cable TV from the same company, you can use the same splitter for both.

Does a Cable Splitter Affect Quality?

Yes, it does. But if you only use a 2-way or 4-way splitter, the degradation won’t be significant. 


There are quite a few factors that affect internet speed but the splitter itself will have a small role to play. If you have any more doubts on this topic, we will be happy to answer them for you. Please leave a comment.

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