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Does an Ethernet Splitter Slow Down Speed – Learn The Facts




Does an Ethernet Splitter Slow Down Speed

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Ethernet splitters are very useful devices that help you make the most out of your Ethernet port. If you have a limited number of ports but need more, you can always use a splitter. As the name suggests, these little tools literally split the Ethernet connection into two. There are other devices such as hubs and switches that do the same but our focus today is on the splitter itself. 

A Brief about the Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet splitter

Ethernet splitters are very small devices that come with 3 ports. 1 for the main cable and 2 for the splitting purpose. While this is quite easy to use, you should know that every connection that’s split needs to be put back at the other end. So you will require 2 splitters at the same time. 

So, this is the ideal option if you have many short cables and very few long cables at home. It will solve your problem and provide Ethernet to all your devices. It will also reduce the number of cables you use. An ethernet cable is easily affordable and can be setup within minutes, which is one of the main reasons why it is popular.

Does an Ethernet Splitter Slow Down Speed?

This depends on the actual speed you are getting because an Ethernet splitter is only capable of transmitting 100 Mbps. So, if that’s your maximum speed, you will not see a difference in the final output. However, if the speed is 1 Gbps, the speed will suffer greatly. It will come down to a mere 100 Mbps, which is quite a huge difference. Also, with splitters, you can only use 2 devices and not more than that. That’s really not an ideal situation.

People also ask (FAQs)

Here are a few commonly asked questions on this topic:

Do Ethernet Splitters Work?

Yes, they do. But they are extremely simple and do a basic job. That is why the advancements such as Ethernet hubs and switches are preferred over them.

Can you Split an Ethernet Cable to Two Devices?

Yes, you can use a splitter or a network switch to split the Ethernet cable.

How Do I Connect Two Devices to One Ethernet Port?

You can use a switch, router, or an Ethernet hub.

What is The Fastest Ethernet Cable?

Cat8 is currently the fastest Ethernet cable.

Does Ethernet Get Priority Over Wi-Fi?

Yes, it does.

Will a Cable Splitter Degrade Internet Quality?

Yes, it can. That is why it is important to use a high quality cable splitter.

Do Cable Splitters Go Bad?

Yes, they can. All devices are subject to wear and tear can go bad.


If you have 100 Mbps transfer speeds and need to use just 2 devices, an Ethernet splitter is a great idea. It will keep the speed constant and help you split the connection effortlessly. If you have advance requirements, we suggest you switch to a hub or a switch.

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