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Subwoofer Vs Speaker – Know the Actual Difference and Specification




Subwoofer Vs Speaker

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As a layman, it is quite usual to confuse a subwoofer and speaker and think that both these systems are similar. But hey, it is not like that. We know differentiating between these two audio systems can be challenging, but we did our thorough research to help you with understanding the difference between speaker and subwoofer in depth. 

Both speakers and subwoofers are a part of the audio system with little differences that are easy to spot. These differences will help you understand these systems better and also aid you make a better choice for getting an audio system for your car or even your home. Before looking at how different these systems are, let us first go through these systems in brief.

Subwoofer Vs Speaker

What is a Subwoofer?


A subwoofer is basically a loudspeaker that helps reproduce the low-pitched frequencies that cannot be done by the speakers. This function of a woofer to produce the low-pitched sound is also referred to as bass. Unlike loudspeakers, woofers cannot be used independently and need to be used with the main speaker to get the desired sound output. 

Connecting a subwoofer to the main speaker helps produce the bass effect that one must have seen in many events. The frequency range of the subwoofer is from 20 Hz to 200Hz. There are other professional subwoofers available today with a frequency below 100Hz. Attaching a subwoofer helps improve mid-range sound as the speakers are free from amplifying the low-frequency sound.

What is a Speaker?


A speaker is similar to a subwoofer in one way- it is a sound transducer as it converts an electric signal to sound. A speaker or what people commonly call it a loudspeaker is an audio system that amplifies the sound. It works on the principle of showing the variations in the sound depending on the electric signals received by the device. These signs propagate sound waves using air as a medium ( some speakers also use water as a medium for converting the electric signal to sound ). 

Speakers are widely used in audio systems with other devices in concerts or events with a large audience, and other such events amplify the sound output. People use speakers because this audio system causes maximum distortion. 

Now that we know what speakers and subwoofers are exactly and their functions, here are the differences between these audio systems that can help you differentiate between them. 

Difference Between Subwoofer And Speaker

Difference between subwoofer and speaker
A subwoofer can help improving the mid-range sound by delivering deep bass that in turn, reduces the strain on your audio system.Although speakers cannot produce deep bass, it can amplify the music and make it more audible.
One cannot play music by just using a subwoofer as one needs to attach this device to a speaker.Speakers can be used to get a decent volume for music without using any subwoofer.
The frequency range of a subwoofer is 20Hz-200Hz.Speaker a wide frequency range of 20Hz-2000Hz and hence it can aid in playing both low-frequency and high-frequency sound.
Generally, a ratio of 2:1 is followed in an audio system for speakers and subwoofer. In which only one subwoofer is needed for a pair of speakers to deliver those low0frequency effects.Speakers are usually used in pairs to create a stereo sound effect where both left and right speakers get different channels and are connected with subwoofer for better sound quality.
Subwoofers are a little expensive but it can be done as a one-time investment if you are fond of that bass effect in music.Loudspeakers are more on the affordable side as compared to a subwoofer.
One cannot use a subwoofer as a speaker.Speaker can be used alone without any subwoofer and it will still amplify the low-frequency sound but the quality will not match the one with a subwoofer.

Some people often opt for speakers only to get an audio system, but one can’t deny that adding a subwoofer or a woofer to the system can enhance the overall sound quality. The processors, mixers, speakers, subwoofer, woofer, etc, make the complete audio system that is widely used in concerts and events to get excellent sound quality.

Concluding Remarks

Both subwoofers and speakers are transducers, but subwoofers can efficiently reproduce the low-pitched sound. Although speakers can amplify low-range frequencies, it cannot match the effects produced by a subwoofer as the devices are engineered to amplify the mid-range and low-range frequencies efficiently. 

Sound systems in many music audio sets and even Televisions come with speakers and woofers so that you can enjoy the full range of sound frequencies. The major difference between a subwoofer and a speaker is of their frequencies rest their functioning is quite similar.

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