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PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected – SOLVED




PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected

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Nothing’s more annoying than being ready to fire up your PS4 only to find out that it is not connecting to the LAN cable. 

For most gaming consoles, Ethernet works much better than Wi-Fi because it is faster and more stable. But, what do you do when the PAN LAN cable is not connected? This article will help you with just that.

PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected

PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected

Identifying the cause will help you fix this problem. There are a few different reasons why your PS4 won’t connect to the LAN cable. We have enlisted the common ones along with their solutions.

Check the PlayStation Network

If you are able to go online but not connect to the PSN, you should check if it is online. You can do so by using another device and navigating to the PSN Network Status page. Here, you will see whether the status is green. If it is, try reconnecting and check it that works. If it isn’t, there are a backend problem that may get rectified on its own in minutes. Wait for a while and try again.

Make sure the connection is strong

The Ethernet wire and the connection should be strong. Otherwise, the Internet won’t work. So, if the Internet is working on your other devices, you should check this connection.

  • Choose another cable to see if the cable is faulty
  • Try another Ethernet port on the router

Is the Internet working?

Sometimes, the problem and the solution are very simple. May be the Internet itself is down! To know for sure, you should check the other devices at home. If possible, connect the Ethernet cable to another device and see if it is working. Also, log on to the Internet using other devices. If you are failing, then you should call your ISP.

Go through the DNS settings

The primary and secondary DNS settings should be and respectively. You can make these changes in the PS4 Settings page by going to Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use A LAN Cable > Custom > Automatic > Do Not Specify > Manual > Primary DNS > Secondary DNS.

Once you update these, you should click on Next > Automatic > Do Not Use.


In most cases, one of these will work and help you solve the problem. If nothing is helping, it is time to call your ISP. The experts will take a look and zero in on the issue for you. It may cost a few bucks but you will finally be able to connect your PS4 to LAN again.

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