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How To Remove Coaxial Cable – Easy Steps From Experts




How To Remove Coaxial Cable

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Coaxial cables are almost omnipresent today. They have wide applications, which is why they are seen in almost every household. 

Their working mechanism is quite simple. These cables carry radio frequency (RF) signals, which are important in audio and video transmissions as well as computer networking. They are also very easy to use as they come with barrel connectors. The connection is quite secure and will not loosen once attached properly. 

So, what happens when you want to detach the cable?

How To Remove Coaxial Cable

In a regular connection, you just have to pull the cable and it will disconnect. But that’s not the case with coaxial cables. You may need to do a few small things to securely remove it. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Disconnect or switch off any devices the coax cable is connected to.
  • Each cable has a connector nut. You will find it at the end of the connector. It is metallic and quite easy to find. Locate it and turn it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Sometimes, you will find it hard to rotate the nut manually. You can use a wrench if that’s the case. Pliers will work well too.
  • After loosening the nut, you can pull the cable. You don’t have to apply extra force. Just a gentle pull should do.
  • At this point, make sure that you do not bend the cable or damage it in any way because its core is quite sensitive. Damage will render the connector useless and the cable will malfunction.

If you want to disconnect the connector completely, you need a cable cutter. Hold the cable straight up and cut it at a 90-degree angle just below the connector. Make sure you do this in one swift motion to get a clean cut. 

People Also Ask

1. Can You Just Cut A Cable Wire?

Yes, but it should not be connected to anything when you cut it.

2. What Connector Terminates A Coaxial Cable?

If you use a push-on connector, the termination will be permanent.

3. Can I Loosen The Nut Of The Coax Cable Without A Wrench?

Yes, sometimes you can loosen it with your hand. You can also use pliers.

4. Do Coaxial Cables Go Bad?

Coaxial cables are subject to damage. They are quite delicate, which is why you must use them with care. Bends and breaks can cause malfunctions.

5. Can My Coaxial Cable Shock Me?

Yes, it can. It won’t be a significant shock but a coaxial cable is capable of giving you a shock.


Handle your coaxial cable with care and remove it gently so that you can reuse it without problems. If you are unsure about it, please talk to an electrician. Professionals are always better equipped to help. All the best!

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