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How to join Two Coaxial Cables – Easiest way to Connect Coax Cables




How to join Two Coaxial Cables

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Coax cables are a boon to all of us. They are highly functional and transfer signals seamlessly. They are commonly used for TV and radio transmission. In some places, they are the go-to for Internet as well. Today, almost every house has a few coax cables for different purposes. These cables do their best work while they are grounded. They stay protected and transfer signals without significant loss. 

However, there may be instances when a coax cable breaks or isn’t long enough for you. Does that mean you buy a new, longer cable? Not really. You can actually join two coax cables together! This is a recommended method because it is easy, quick, and affordable. The cost of coax cables depends on the length (among other factors). So, if you buy a long one, you will spend more money. 

How to join Two Coaxial Cables

The process is quite simple and straight-forward. We will talk about the short and long version of the same to help beginners and others equally.

Quick solution

How to join Two Coaxial Cables
  1. Buy a coaxial coupler.
  2. Take the first coax cable and connect it to one end of the coupler.
  3. Take the second coax cable and connect it to the other end of the coupler.
  4. And, done!

Detailed solution

You will need a coupler and 2 F plugs along with a cable stripping tool and cutting tool. Once you assemble all these, follow the steps below:

  1. Start with the coax stripping tool. You can also use a utility knife here. Cut only the outer layer of the coax cable at a distance of around 12 mm from the tip. Be very careful here and do not cut any deeper than the outer layer. 
  2. Remove what you cut – you will see the braid of the wire. Fold the braid backwards.
  3. If you have a double screen cable, you will have to cut the cable screen as well. The aim is to expose the dielectric material.
  4. Now, cut the dielectric material carefully. Leave only around 3mm insulation.
  5. Take 1 F plug and screw it in on the top of the braid that you previously folded.
  6. Twist carefully but firmly so that the dielectric is properly in place.
  7. Now you will see around 2 mm of the conductor towards the end of the plug. If there’s more than 2 mm, you have to cut it. Use the cutting tool for this.
  8. Follow the same steps on the second coax cable.
  9. Now, take the coupler and connect it to both the ends. 
  10. Tighten securely in place.

Note: Not following the steps may result in poor signal strength and significant signal loss. This is why, if you are unsure about the process, it is best to get professional help.

Those who have basic knowledge about coax cables will find this process easy. You can definitely give it a shot even if you have never done it before. You will be able to do it perfectly in a couple of tries. We recommend this because the hack will come in handy for years together – coax cables are going nowhere! 

If you are still uncertain, you can always ask us for more help and we will be happy to assist. Simply drop a comment or write to us and we will get back as early as possible. All the best!

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