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How To hook up Cable TV at RV Park




How To hook up Cable TV at RV Park

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The RV park is an excellent place to camp because it has all the basic amenities you need including satellite. This enables you to watch TV in your RV along with your family or friends as you escape from the noise of the city. The only thing you should do is to hook up your cable TV and you are good to go. 

This is where the question comes – how? And, we are here to answer just that.

How To Hook up Cable TV at RV Park

how to hook up cable tv at rv park

To start off with, you have to find the booster switch. The TV in your RV will have this switch. You will be able to locate it because it is conspicuous – green LED and a button. There are different variations in this button when it comes to connectivity. They are power outlet (12V), cable jacks (2), and a single cable jack. This booster button is important because it helps get many different channels.

When you switch the booster on, you will see the LED light up. In some models, you may see 2 jacks. The second one is where the satellite receiver goes. If your RV has satellite already, you can establish a connection easily. Otherwise, you will have to connect to the jack outside.

Many good RV parks have an underground cable. You can find a suitable spot that makes this line easily accessible and connect your TV to it. For this, you will need a cable line. We recommend taking a 40-45-feet long line with you. Anything more than this and you will see a degradation in the signal. That is why, you should pick a spot that’s close by and use a shorter cable.

Set the TV up

After enabling the booster and finding a suitable spot, you should check the settings on your TV. 

  • Switch your TV on and go to Setup. 
  • Choose Cable from the given options.
  • Search for channels and wait until most channels come up


Even after following the steps above, if you are unable to get any channels, try to reconnect the booster and use another cable. You can also change the position in the RV park and try. If you want to test the strength of the signal, an Ohm meter will come in handy along with 2 cable lines of varying length.

If this doesn’t work, try checking whether the cable in the RV park is working. If it is not connecting to any other TV, you know that it is faulty. Otherwise, there’s something wrong with your booster switch.


Hooking up cable TV at an RV park is an exceptional idea because it will give you time to yourself to unwind and relax. This guide was curated to help you establish a successful connection. We hope it helped. If you have any more doubts, please write to us.

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