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How to crimp butt connectors – Useful guide to use butt connectors




How to crimp butt connectors

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Butt connectors are gifts from heaven! They make connecting wires so easy that they are now a must-have. Multiple different sizes of butt connectors are available for you to choose from based on your requirements. All you have to do is choose the right size and learn how to crimp the butt connectors properly

Now, the size totally depends on your needs. It is a personal choice. Learning how to crimp is another matter and may need some guidance. That’s why we are here to help.

How to crimp butt connectors

To start off with, you need a crimping tool. But, which one? Learning about each will help you decide:

  • Hammer crimper: This one works with most gauges. It is compact and can be adjusted according to the wire. Along with this crimper, you will need a hammer to perform the task.
  • Hydraulic crimper: These crimpers are useful when you need to apply a lot of pressure. They are quite high maintenance because they need to be oiled regularly.
  • Hand crimper: This is a basic tool used in most homes to crimp small wires. You can also cut or strip wires with it.

The method 

butt connectors
  • Start by purchasing a crimper that is suitable for your wire gauge. 
  • Strip the wire on one end to the optimal extent.
  • Take one butt connector and add it to the stripped part.
  • Choose any suitable dies and use the tool on the connector so that it crimps into place. You may need a heat source as well.
  • Remove it and check whether it has been crimped properly. While it is possible to crimp again, we recommend that you be careful and aim at getting it right the first time itself. Repeated crimping may result in a shabby job.

Note: While this is quite an easy process, we urge you to be careful and use all security equipment to stay safe. 

People also ask

1) Can you crimp butt connectors with pliers?

Yes, you can.

2) Can you crimp two wires together?

Yes, you can. You will need a crimp connector for it.

3) How do you crimp a connector without a crimper?

It is not possible to crimp without a proper crimper.

4) Can you crimp 4 wires together?

Yes, you can. But, you may have to deal with connectivity issues, especially if they are not crimped properly.


Crimping a butt connector is not difficult. You just need the right tools to ensure that you do it right. Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned here and you will be able to do a great job. If you are confused at any point, don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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