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How to Convert HDMI to RCA? – Simple Guide and Product Reviews of 2024




How to Convert HDMI to RCA

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We live in an era of HDMI. Almost everything supports an HDMI output, and that’s why it is one of the most important cables one can have today. However, before the age of HDMI, RCA cables ruled with an iron fist. They were used to connect video game consoles, DVD sets, etc. to the television. In fact, even today, some set-top boxes use RCA cables.

The problem arises when the old comes in contact with the new and the new needs to adapt or take a step backwards. What if you want to connect to an old TV, but you only have an HDMI cable? Rejoice! We have the answer for you.

How to Convert HDMI to RCA?

You really don’t have to worry because this process is easy! We have broken it down into steps to simplify it further. Let’s start:

  • Find a good HDMI to RCA converter based on your HDMI cable’s output. There may be different types, which is why you must pay attention here. This is the most important step and needs some research. If you are unsure about it, keep reading, and you will discover our top-rated products towards the end.
  • Take your video converter and plug it into a wall socket or any other power source.
  • The converter will have an HDMI input plug. Connect your cable’s output to this plug.
  • Now, connect the converter’s red and white cables with the corresponding RCA outputs.
  • The yellow cable that belongs to the converter goes directly into the device (TV or monitor) through the video input.
  • Change your TV’s settings based on your requirements. You may have to change the channel or input. And, done!

Didn’t we tell you it was a piece of cake? The only step that requires some time and effort is the first one because if you buy the wrong one, you will not be able to do anything after that. You don’t want to waste your time and energy now, do you? To help you further, as promised earlier, here are our top HDMI to RCA converters:

Best HDMI to RCA converter

1. HDMI to RCA Converts Digital HDMI to Analog

HDMI to RCA Converts Digital HDMI to Analog

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option that does the job well, you should go with this one. It has a built-in converter and is pretty easy to use. It serves perfectly to help you play anything you want on old devices. Let’s check out its features:

  1. Once you buy this converter, you won’t have to invest in anything else. This one does the job itself without the need for additional components.
  2. It has a thick cable for durability along with gold plated connectors.
  3. It promises superior performance and resistance to corrosion.
  4. The wire is 6.5 feet long.
  5. You can use this converter with a wide range of devices such as TV, projector, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.
  6. The company offers an excellent 30-day money back warranty. So, you can try it and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can always return it.

2. RCA to HDMI, Musou Composite RCA to HDMI Converter

RCA to HDMI, Musou Composite RCA to HDMI Converter

The Musou is one of the most popular choices when we think of RCA to HDMI converters. The brand promises nothing short of the best, and we think it delivers. Here are some of its features:

  1. It supports a range of devices and promises 1080p clarity.
  2. It is the best choice if you are looking for a video and audio converter.
  3. Now, you can watch Blue-ray videos or play your favorite games without having to worry about your TV or PC.
  4. It is quite affordable and works as expected without hassle.
  5. It is one of the few brands that have achieved multiple raving reviews about their working. In our opinion, it is the best product out there.

3. HDMI to RCA Converter – Includes USB Charging Cable

HDMI to RCA Converter – Includes USB Charging Cable

Play any of your HDMI devices on your old television or monitor with utmost ease! This is a complete HD converter box that converts HD video to normal CVBS for yours truly. This means that you can watch any older films that you recorded on the VCR or DVD. Cool!

  1. It has excellent input and output ports to connect even outdated gadgets with ease.
  2. It has a very simple-to-use plug and play design. You won’t have to break your head wondering what to do and how to start using it. All ports are clearly marked and defined.
  3. It supports PAL TV and NTSC standards.
  4. It is an eco-friendly product, letting you reduce your carbon footprint.
  5. It is a portable, compact unit with multiple options.
  6. All you need is a USB cable (which is included) to get start with this device.

There you go! This is our list of the top three products that you can purchase to convert HDMI to RCA or vice versa. We hope you find the best and follow the steps given to use the converter properly. All the best.

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