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Coaxial Cable to RCA

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Coaxial cables are used to connect the cable TV network or dish antenna to your TV. But sometimes, due to the old technology or lack of ports in television, you cannot directly attach the coaxial cable to it. So, what will you do to connect the coaxial cable to the TV without coaxial input? Well, you can convert coaxial to RCA for enjoying the cable streaming on your idiot box. Check the guide here which provides details on turning coax to RCA input and some tops products which can help to do so.

How to Convert Coaxial to RCA Input

The easiest method to get coaxial to RCA input is to use a VCR device. Conventional VCRs have the ability to attach both the RCA cables as well as coaxial cables. If you don’t have the equipment, then you can quickly get it from nearby electronics shop or online e-commerce websites. You may need an RCA to coaxial adapter or coaxial to RCA adapter to make the proper connection with the television set.

Now, follow the steps below:

1) Without using an adapter

Step-1:  Connect the cables

On the back of the VCR device, you will find particular ports labeled for the coaxial and RCA inputs. Attach both the wires to their specific mentioned ports. Make sure to connect the coaxial cable’s output end and the RCA cable’s input end to the back of the devices. You need not worry as the ports are designed in a way to accept the suitable ends though.

Step-2: Connect with the TV

In the television set or any other video/audio device, there are color-coded ports to get the connection to the RCA cables. Connect the other ends of the RCA cables to the specific ports behind your TV.

Step-3: Start and make setup

Now, turn on the VCR as well as your TV set. Choose ‘TV’ option as video input and navigate through channels with the help of remote control of the VCR.

Note: If you are using a cable TV box to view channels on your TV, then follow the same process mentioned above. Just the change is that you will be using the cable box instead of VCR box.

2) Using an adapter

Step-1: Connect coaxial cable

Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the cable or satellite box. Open the other end of the cable by unscrewing it from the other device.

Step-2: Connect with the RCA adapter

Now, get the threaded RCA adapter and thread the coaxial cable plug on it. Make sure to not break or bend the wire inside the socket.

Step-3: Connect the RCA cable

The adapter has a female connecting port; insert the RCA cable plugged into it.  Then, connect the other end of the RCA cable to the TV or other media device on which you want to enjoy the content. You have the signal transmitted from the coaxial input and through the RCA adapter now.

Note: You need to know that the coaxial to RCA adapter which also known as a coax to RCA converter is best for converting video signals. It can even turn audio signals but the result may not as good as you desire. So, remember to connect the audio RCA cable to the speakers when you use the coaxial to RCA adapter.

Note-2: If you are using an older television set or device which only has the coaxial input resource for the audio and the cable input is in the form of RCA, then don’t worry. You can use the RCA to coax adapter which will change the input type of the signal from your RCA cable box to the coaxial television set.

Now, as we have seen the usage of the coaxial to RCA adapter/connector and vice versa, let’s have a look at the best products for these purposes.

Best Coax to RCA Connector

1) VCE F Type Female to RCA Male Coaxial Cable Connector


From VCE, you will get coaxial to RCA cable converter connector to help you enjoy the content on the device lacking the coaxial input. It comes in a pack of two connectors for use with multiple systems.

Features and Specifications of VCE Coaxial to RCA Connector are:

  1. It converts female F type coaxial cable input into male RCA output
  2. The gold plated connector ensure to have a high-speed and reliable connection always
  3. It can convert any F plug coaxial to RCA or any RCA to a standard F socket
  4. This connector offers a secured cable link and a pick performance

2) Coaxial Adapter F Female Coaxial to RCA Male Connector by Generic

Generic coax adapter

Generic offers this top quality coaxial to RCA converter connector to create an easy cable TV connection at your home. It’s a relatively cheap yet efficient coaxial to RCA converter that you can buy.

Specifications and Feature of Generic Coaxial to RCA Adapter Converter are:

  1. It can convert any F type female coaxial to male RCA output
  2. It allows you to get the coaxial cable connection to any of your compatible device
  3. This connector doesn’t need batteries to be operated
  4. It is extremely lightweight and compact sized
  5. You will get easier on/off the connection to your cable TV

Best Coaxial to RCA Adapter

Musou Digital Optical Coax to RCA Converter Adapter

Musou Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA

This Amazon bestseller from Musou is the top product which works as the coaxial to RCA converter adapter. It comes with a fiber cable and power adapter to make you sure not to buy anything separately while using it.

Specifications and features of Musou Coaxial to RCA Adapter are:

  1. Four types of sampling rates including 96, 48, 44.1, and 32KHz are supported by it
  2. Easy installation and user-friendly operation
  3. Due to the electromagnetic transmission, it generates a nearly zero amount of noise which doesn’t disturb your ears while enjoying the content on the TV
  4. Converts coaxial audio input or Toslink digital audio into RCA
  5. Includes one Toslink and coaxial input port two RCA output ports
  6. On both the channels, you will get S/PDIF incoming 24-bit steam
  7. One-year manufacturer’s warranty allows you to have a hassle-free purchase

You will get one coax to RCA converter, power supply, optical fiber cable, and a user manual in the package. One thing you should remember that this adapter does not support the Dolby Digital Audio.

Best RCA to Coax Adapter

RCA CRF907A Compact RF Modulator

RCA Compact RF Modulator

The CRF907A is an Amazon’s choice for RCA to coaxial adapter. This small sized RF modulator allows you to have a video audio signal to the TV which does not have a specific port for that.

Specifications and features of RCA RF Modulator are:

  1. The top circuit design helps to achieve the peak performance
  2. It uses channel 3 and 4 to provide the audio and video output in the form of RF
  3. It automatically detects the source of the input and converts it to the coaxial output. So you need to use remote control to change the input source
  4. You can mount it on the wall too which allows saving the space on your table
  5. It is perfect to get connection to your TV from game consoles like Xbox 360, camcorders, DVDs, digital cameras, etc.
  6. One-year manufacturer warranty
  7. It can work with any device providing video and an audio input which makes it accepted globally

If you still love your CRT television set which lacks the RCA ports, this RCA to coax converter adapter is the perfect product for you. Give it a try before going to any other option as it is a low-cost RF modulator.


I hope this guide on how to convert coax to RCA cable along with the best products will answer your questions. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also if you know any other quick and reliable method to get this done, spread your words with the world here. If you want multiple coaxial connections from a single cable input, then try using the cablte splitters which help to have numerous connections without any hassle.

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