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Does A Coax Splitter Reduce Internet Speed? – FINALLY! Right Answer!




Does A Coax Splitter Reduce Internet Speed

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Cable splitters do exactly what they advertise. They split the signal into 2 so that you are able to use multiple outlets. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a 2-way splitter, which is the most common one or the other choices. You can go up to 16 splits! 

Does A Coax Splitter Reduce Internet Speed?

Even though coax splitters are excellent devices, there’s a fear that they might reduce speed. The good news is that coax splitters have absolutely no effect on the Internet speed. All you have to do is to make sure your splitter is installed correctly. You will receive the same speed that your Internet service provider is giving you. 

Before getting started with the installation, we advise you to check the speed and signal you are receiving. The speed should be the same even after installation. The signal might weaken if you use a 4-way or higher splitter.

My Internet Speed Has Reduced After Using A Splitter

Some of oour users have reported this problem. If you are facing this issue too, you should understand that it may be because of other factors or issues. The most common reasons are:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Issues with the DNS server
  • Mistakes in configuration
  • Speed issues with the ISP

Once the problem is identified and fixed, you will receive the promised speed with no problems.

Does A Coax Splitter Affect Quality?

Now, here’s where you should pay attention. The more you split the cable, the weaker the signal will be. This means that coax splitters affect the quality or strength of the signal. But with a 2-way or 4-way splitter, you will not notice the difference. If you split the cable beyond this, the loss of signal will be obvious.

Can You Install The Coax Cable Yourself?

The installation process is quite simple, but most homeowners trust the cable company to do it for them. This saves time and headaches. Also, the room for error will be minimal. This will ensure that you get the right speed without hassle. However, if you want to try it, you can go for it but after learning how to do it and gathering all the necessary supplies.


Don’t be apprehensive about compromising on speed while using a coax splitter. Properly installed splitters will have no effect on the Internet speed. Make sure you call a professional to do the job for you so that you avoid errors. 

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