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Coax to USB Tuner

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With a coax to USB tuner, you can easily watch TV on your computer! Isn’t that super cool? These tuners are cost-efficient, easy to use and do the job perfectly well. Perhaps that is why they are extremely popular today. 

A coax to USB adapter can stream free TV with ease but will not help you with premium content. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy many perks. In fact, there’s a world of things that you can explore! But, before you go ahead and explore, you should first buy the right tuner.

Choosing from the many available options can be difficult, which is why we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best with their pros and cons for you. Read on.

Best Coax to USB Tuner

1. Universal Analog USB Cable TV Tuner

USB TV Tuner

This is one of the most popular RF coax to USB converters on the market with an analog cable TV receiver and TV out. Below are a few details about it:

  1. It supports all RF feeds from various devices including cable box, RF modulators, closed-circuit television systems, VHF, and cable outlet.
  2. It has worldwide TV support allowing you to view anything in the SECAM B/G/D/K, PAL M/N, and PAL B/G/D/K standards.
  3. The tuner allows you to resize the TV window based on your preference. It supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.
  4. It also allows TV recording in different formats.
  5. The tuner comes with a remote controller so that you operate with ease.
  6. The software of the tuner has a scheduled timer that can understand auto shut off in computers.
  7. The tuner supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and Vista operating systems.


  • Works really well
  • Has remote control
  • Good picture quality


  • The instructions in the manual are not clear

2. Universal Analog USB Cable Tuner

USB Cable TV Tuner

Viewing and recording TV channels on your computer will be super easy with this particular USB cable tuner. It is a market favorite because of its price and features. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. It records in digital format not just for storage but also for disc production, editing, and playback.
  2. You can use it with any and all RF devices including CCTV camera, VCR, gaming consoles, DVD, DVR, satellite receiver, and more.
  3. The high speed USB 2.0 connection ensures quick audio and video streaming.
  4. The tuner allows time shifting, which means that you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, and skip scenes.
  5. It records video in MPEG1 and MPEG2 formats. 
  6. It also has snapshot functionality.
  7. This one also comes with a remote controller, which makes operation fun.


  • Resizable screen
  • Works as described
  • Easy setup


  • Can get hot on prolonged usage

3. Analog NTSC PAL – RF to Coax Tuner

RF Coax to USB Demodulator

The Analog NTSC PAL tuner supports multiple Windows operating systems (7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP). It also has quite a few attractive features that you can’t ignore. Below is a peek at some of them:

  1. This is an affordable solution to decode RF feed and convert it into MPEG.
  2. You can watch DVR, CCTV, coax modulator, and cable feed on your PC with this tuner.
  3. It supports most worldwide frequencies. You can watch most CATV, VHF, and UHF channels with it.
  4. The tuner has a TVR recorder software that allows you to record TV programs. You can also schedule the recording using the timer function.
  5. It allows picture-on-picture viewing.
  6. The time-shifting support allows you to rewind, pause, skip, etc.


  • Scheduling option
  • Time-shifting works well


  • Many users say that it does not work as expected

4. USB Analog TV Tuner with Video Capture (MPEG)

USB Analog TV Tuner

Say hello to this nice 2-in-1 tuner that allows you to watch and record your favorite TV programs in MPEG format. It comes with multiple features that we know you will like. Below are a few:

  1. The tuner allows smooth audio and video streaming.
  2. It has an RF coax input and RCA output (video and audio).
  3. You can connect pretty much every RF device to this for streaming and recording.
  4. Its picture-on-picture feature lets you watch two programs simultaneously.
  5. The TV window is not just resizable but also movable.
  6. It comes with a remote controller.
  7. The tuner can be used on Windows computers only.


  • Scheduling option
  • Time-shifting works well


  • Many users say that it does not work as expected

5. AllAboutAdapters Universal Analog TV Tuner (USB-based)

Universal Analog USB-Based TV Tuner

We are going to end our list with yet another 2-in-1 tuner that comes with multiple attractive functions. Please read below for a better understanding:

  1. It allows video and audio recording in digital format. You can also schedule a recording.
  2. The time shift feature allows you to skip scenes and ads, pause whenever you need to, and rewind/fast-forward.
  3. This is an advanced PC-based recorder that supports most RF devices.
  4. You can watch in widescreen (16:9) and move or resize the window as you see fit.
  5. With picture-on-picture, you have more customization options.
  6. It comes with a remote controller.


  • Works as promised


  • Video clarity is not crystal clear


Now, we are into a bonus section – FAQs! Let’s get going.

Can you Convert Coax to USB?

Yes. Tuners such as the ones mentioned above facilitate this.

Can you Convert Ethernet to Coax?

Yes, there are adapters that can help you with this.

Do all TVs Have Coaxial Input?

The newer (smart) TVs do not have a coax input. The old ones do. All TVs will, however, have a cable TV input, coax, or RF. So, even if your TV doesn’t have coax, you can use the others with an adapter.

Is Ethernet Faster Than Coax?

The speed potential of Ethernet is definitely greater but the actual output depends on a number of things.

Why Doesn’t My TV Have a Coaxial Input?

New TVs don’t have this input because they are smart TVs and have digital connections such as Wi-Fi. But, you actually don’t need it if you have a digital converter box.


We hope our guide on coax to TV tuners is clear and has helped you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions or give suggestions through comments. We look forward to your views.

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