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Best RCA Cables for Car Audio – Quality Sound at a Reasonable Price




Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

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Traveling in a car, alone or in a group, is more fun when you have a beat-dropping music system inside your vehicle. Today’s car music system is advanced and comes with BlueTooth facilities; however, a wired connection will always be more stable than wireless, and that’s a fact. If your car music system features RCA ports, you should use an RCA cable to get quality audio output.

  1. BEST OVERALL PICKElite Audio Pro 2
  2. BEST VALUE-FOR-MONEYKabelDirekt Stereo Audio Cable
  3. AFFORDABLEAmazon Basics RCA Cable
  5. FEATURE-RICHPostta Stereo Audio Cable

What to Consider When Buying the Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

RCA cable’s looks and application are straightforward. You take the cable and plugin it in a suitable color female port of the TV, DVD, Playstation, Xbox, etc. However, consider a few factors before buying an RCA cable for car audio.


The RCA cables you will install will not be visible once you are done fitting the music system in your car. An RCA cable passes an audio signal, which can be affected by electromagnetic interference, resulting in a distorted audio output.

It is advisable not to purchase RCA cable with thin wires; instead, go for a braided or spiral shielded wire. The type of mentioned shielding not just prevents frequency interference but also provides good durability and reliability.

Length of Wire

It is important. Long RCA cables will result in poor signal transmission. Only pick long wires if required. Otherwise, pick RCA cables according to the requirement to get the best audio output experience.

Connector Material

Gold, silver, and copper are used to manufacture the male connector pins.

The gold connectors look excellent, demand less maintenance, and are corrosion-resistant; however, they are not the best at conducting electricity.

Silver is the best connector. It requires nominal caring and is the finest material for conducting electricity, respecting the types of material from which RCA cable pin connectors are manufactured.

If you want long-lasting cable, RCA cable with gold material connectors is best, and if you seek a balance of quality audio and good build quality, silver is the value for money.

Our Top Picks

It is hard to differentiate with so many manufacturers providing RCA cables, and as a consumer, you might have confused deciding which is the best RCA cable for car audio. Respecting the technical factors shown in buying guide, we have come up with the top five best RCA cables for car audio.

1. Elite Audio PRO 2 Interconnect Stereo Cable with Triple-Shielded Armor

Elite Audio PRO

It is a high-quality interconnect stereo cable with durability that is best in its competition and worth the price it is asking for; it consists of male-to-male machined brass copper cable connectors. The copper audio cable inside is oxygen-free and counters electromagnetic interference seemingly well. You will get crystal clear audio when using these RCA cables in your car music system.

The cable will stay protected in any weather condition as it comes with a triple shielded layer of a strengthened nylon fiber woven tightly on the PVC jacket, which consists of the frequency transmission cable. Elite Audio Pro 2 is the best RCA cable for the money if you are after a long-lasting cable.


  • Oxygen-free copper material
  • Triple shielded layer
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting


  • Expensive

2. KabelDirekt Stereo Audio Cable


The KabelDirekt stereo audio cable is available in six different lengths, the shortest cable size is 3ft, and the longest one is 25ft long. 3-6ft cable is more than enough for car audio setup. It is the second best because it has a double shielding layer to tackle electromagnetic interference signals.

It is a versatile cable featuring gold connectors, an oxygen-free copper conductor, and PVC protection. Apart from a car music system, it provides an excellent output when used with a TV, subwoofer, and professional use. It is an affordable RCA cable with three months of manufacturing warranty.


  • Quality gold connector
  • Multipurpose use
  • Affordable and reliable


  • Cable color differential is tough

3. Amazon Basics RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer Cable

Amazon Basics RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer Cable

Amazon basics RCA cable is one the highly bought item in its competition, and no doubt, it is a suitable cable as it fulfills the motive. However, the quality of cable you get in Elite Audio Pro 2 and KableDirekt, is much better than Amazon basics. It is a decent cable perfect for people whose only requirement to get an affordable cable should work for 2-3 years, and that is what Amazon basics RCA cable provides.

The cables are available in three lengths, and the 4ft option will work best for most car owners. You get a gold-plated connector that is corrosion resistant and a decent quality wire. The white and red cable differentiation is much more apparent than its rivals and fits perfectly into the female ports.


  • Affordable
  • Corrosion-resistant connector
  • Visible color coding for easy plug-and-play


  • No extra shielding protection

4. Skar Audio Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable

Skar Audio Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable

Skar audio is the cheapest option for quality. The manufacturer says it’s a premium cable, but the look tells a different story. These RCA cables feature oxygen-free copper cable inside and twisted pair technology. The advantage of these features is you get a reliable audio transmitting wire and the best sound output.

The blue color outside the wire is of decent quality, which is acceptable considering it offers stable audio signals at affordable rates. The only major downside we notice is the identification of white and red. Double-check before you plug the cable into female ports.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Uses twisted pair technology
  • Commendable audio output


  • Poor color code on the connector

5. Postta Stereo Audio Cable

Postta Stereo Audio Cable

Postta stereo audio cable is a bang-for-the-buck deal for people who are tight on budget or looking for something subtle. The connector has a barrel-type design with a chrome finish. Differentiating white and red connectors are easy if we compare it to Skar Audio and fits tightly into the port it is designed for.

Surprisingly, the cable has double shielding protection; it reduces crosstalk, suppresses noise, and minimizes electromagnetic interference. The OFC copper conductor ensures the optimum signal transfer. The outer PVC cable can withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Feature-rich cable
  • Easy-to-use application


  • Not suitable in a high-traffic area

Our Verdict

It is difficult to make the right choice as an audiophile or a regular user. In our opinion, Elite Audio Pro 2 is undoubtedly the best for long-term usage and normal users; however, if your preference is music quality, KabelDirekt is the best option available. It will also last longer, so just go for it.


Q. Are RCA cables waterproof?

RCA cables are not waterproof. The connected audio equipment will not work if the water reaches the connector.

Q. What length of RCA cable do I need for the car audio setup?

A cable between the length of 3-6ft is more than enough for a car audio setup. For the sedan, 4ft is a good length; for a hatchback, 3ft is sufficient; for SUVs, 4-6ft cables are best.

Q. Do RCA cables make any difference in car audio?

The work of the RCA cable is to transfer the audio signal as effectively as possible while countering the interfering frequencies. The lesser the disturbance, the better audio quality you will receive.

Q. Is there any advantage of gold connectors?

The gold-plated connectors have much better corrosion resistance, making them reliable for long-term use; however, it has nothing to do with audio quality.

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