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Best PL 259 Connectors – Top 5 Crimp Connectors




Best PL 259 Connectors

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PL 259, also known as a UHF connector, connects equipment and antennas in ham shacks. UHF connectors generally come with male and female variants. However, the most commonly used PL 259 connector is the one with a male center pin and the female thread. The “PL” stands for Plug and the “259” is an old US Signal Corps assignment.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Ancable Silver UHF/PL-259 Male Solder Coax Connector (Pack of 5)

Ancable Silver UHF/PL-259

(Pack of 5)

Best Value

Linkhood UHF PL259 Solder Connector Plug with Reducer (Pack of 10)

Linkhood UHF PL259

(Pack of 10)

Wondering which is the best PL 259 connector? This article will tell you all about what to consider when buying a crimp connector, the best PL 259 connectors, and PL 259 crimp connector instructions. 

Basics of PL 259 Connectors

The truth about PL 259 connectors is that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for usage with higher frequencies, you are advised to invest in a nickel-free crimp connector. You might also want to check out if the center pin is real gold (which must be expensive) or just a metal that is gold in color. Gold pin connectors are more costly and have better conductivity. Once you have your hands on the right PL 259 crimp connector for your task, you can ensure to tighten it firmly enough to make the proper connection, but not much so that it gets damaged. 

Check out our list below to find the top 5 crimp connectors.

Best PL 259 Connectors

1. RFAdapter PL-259 UHF Connector (Pack of 5)

RFAdapter PL-259 UHF Male Solder Connector Plug with Reducer (Pack of 5)

This PL 259 UHF Male plugs by RFAdapter is the first on our list. It comes in a pack of 5 with reducers for each of them. They are compatible with RG-8, RG-213, RG-8X mini, RG-59, and others. Some may require you to use the reducer while others can be used as a connector itself.

Key Features

  1. The insulator on this connector s made of PTFE (Teflon) which would not melt even in high temperatures.
  2. It is made up of high-quality gold-plated contacts and sleeves which makes the conductivity better and the soldering easier.
  3. You can use them to build or repair your coaxial cable, which can be used for ham radio, antenna, and other applications like GPS, WLAN, SCADA, etc.
  4. It comes with a 12-month warranty and convenient customer service.
  5. They are easy to assemble and reliable. You can also reuse them to recable something. 

2. EEEkit PL259 Solder Connector (Pack of 10)

RFAdapter PL-259 UHF Male Solder Connector Plug with Reducer (Pack of 5)

The PL 259 connectors from EEEkit are quality connectors at a fair price. They come in a pack of 10 with reducers that can be used for RG-58 or RG-59/RG-8X cables. They are lightweight, easy to assemble with just a bit of soldering. 

Key Features

  1. The build of these crimps is sturdy with high-quality brass construction and gold-plated contacts. 
  2. They are reliable and exhibit a good quality of mechanical and electrical performance.
  3. The design of the connectors is easy to solder with 2 windows for soldering unlike the ones with 4 holes.
  4. It is resistant to strong vibrations making it more reliable for connections with the cable.

3. Ancable Silver UHF/PL-259 (Pack of 5)

Ancable Silver UHF/PL-259 Male Solder Coax Connector (Pack of 5)

The Ancable Silver UHF/PL-259 Male connectors come in a pack of 5 at a very affordable rate. These PL 259 work well with 50 Ohm low loss RF cable, RG 213, and Belden 9913. You can also use the reducers in the package to work with RG-8X, Mini 8, RG-59 among others.

Key Features

  1. It features a silver-plated body and a pin with sharp threads to make the connectivity reliable.
  2. It can be used for cables of 0.405-inch diameter when the reducer is not used.
  3. If you use the reducer, use it with cables of up to 0.248 inches in diameter.
  4. The sleeves on the connector pin are designed for better conductivity and easier soldering.
  5. The metal body of these plugs is made up of high-quality brass copper, where the body is silver plated and the reducer is nickel plated.

4. Linkhood UHF PL259 (Pack of 10)

Linkhood UHF PL259 Solder Connector Plug with Reducer (Pack of 10)

The Linkhood UHF PL 259 connector plug set is the cheapest on our list. It comes in a pack of 10 each with its reducer. It can be used for coax cables in wireless communication systems, mobile antennas, WLAN, etc.

Key Features

  1. These connectors feature a silver-plated body with a gold-plated center pin.
  2. The reducers are silver plated and have good threads on them to be able to use with UHF cables.
  3. The center pin has 4 slots that can be used to solder.
  4. These plugs have a good grip on them so they can be screwed and unscrewed easily.
  5. It is easy to assemble and use after soldering.

5. Riotaxy UHF PL-259 Coax Connector (Pack of 5)

Riotaxy UHF PL-259 PL259 Male-Plug Crimp Coax Connector (Pack of 5)

The PL 259 Male Plug crimp coax connector by Riotaxy is similar to most in our list. However, this one has noteworthy reviews to make it up to our list. These are said to have great heat resistance such that they cannot be easily overheated. This makes it easy for soldering and better for use.

Key Features

  1. These crimp connectors are suitable for radio equipment instruments, ground transmission systems, and ham radios.
  2. It features gold-plated contacts so that higher conductivity is maintained.
  3. The insulator on this PL 259 is PTFE Teflon which can withstand higher temperatures making it less prone to melting during soldering.
  4. They are lightweight and the spare ones take up little space. You can easily assemble them to repair or make your gold-plated coax cable.

Final Thoughts

PL-259 connectors are a great deal in your life if you wish to repair your coax cable or want to make one of your own. You can use it with your UHF cable by using the reducers which generally come with the pack. If you don’t have them then you can always buy them separately. These are generally to be soldered and do not take up much time and effort unless you go for the cheaper options which would eventually trouble you with overheating or thread issues. Invest in a good

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