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Best Ethernet Cable for PS5 – Download Games Faster on Your PS5




Best Ethernet Cable for PS5

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Best Overall

Smolink High-Speed Ethernet Cable

Smolink Cat 8 Ethernet Cable for PS5

Best Value

UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Sony PlayStation 5 has had colossal popularity among console gamers since its announcement. With the rise of the gaming industry, Sony hits the bullseye in its sales with PS5.

The stunning Sony PS5 allows you to play games in a rich resolution, which is not surprising considering the size of games it includes. Also, the people who bought this prefer a gigabyte connection or at least a 100Mbps internet connection or higher.

Most importantly, an ethernet cable is a lot better than a Wi-Fi connection to achieve a higher download speed. So. If you’ve been on a wireless connection till now and bought PS5, it’s time you invest in an ethernet cable to skyrocket the download speed and experience stutter-free gameplay.

You will see multiple ethernet cables online with aesthetically little differences; however, there are essential factors to consider while buying. The article covers a buying guide and the best ethernet cable available for PS5.

  1. RUNNER UP: Snowkids Flat High-Speed Ethernet Cable
  3. BEST VERSATILE CABLE: Smolink Ethernet Cable
  4. BEST FOR GAMING: QIFGUO Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

A Definitive Buying Guide To Help You Decide the Best Ethernet Cable for PS5

Most RJ-45s you will find more or less the same look except for noticeable cable quality, which is also what most buyers miss out on. In this detailed guide, we have highlighted every aspect you need to consider when purchasing the ethernet cable for PS5 to download games at flash speed.

The Length

Ethernet cable is used for one simple application; however, it gets utilized in various places. The length varies significantly depending on the requirement. PS5 comes under indoor gaming, so you don’t need a long 100ft cable. A standard 6ft cable will do more than enough.

Considering some of you might have a big house and router located in another place, we recommend using measure tape to define the estimated distance and buying a 2-3ft longer cable from the length you’ve written down.

Category Standard

In the specification of any ethernet cable, it is defined as short as Cat. It is a standard given by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), representing better data transfer and improvements in quality.

Cat 8 is the latest standard, and there is no doubt that Cat 5 and 5e will still work like a charm; however, you might not want to compromise on the speed, and the difference between the Cat standard is shown in the table below.

CAT StandardFrequencyData Transfer Capacity
Cat 5100 MHz10/100/1000 Mbps
Cat 6250 MHz10/100/1000 Mbps
Cat 7600 MHz10,000 Mbps
Cat 82000 MHz40,000 Mbps

From the table, it is clear that Cat 8, the latest one is faster and more reliable for use.

Wire Quality

You have to consider the thickness of the cable, whether it is braided or not, is flat or round-shaped; all these factors are crucial when you have a distance between your router and PS5.

The thickness of the cable is defined in AWG (American Wire Guage). If the numeric value is less, it means the wire is thicker. You will find 26AWG or 32AWG in the specification.

In wire type, you will have a regular round or flat PVC wire, braided round, and flat wire. We recommend going for braided considering its durability and longevity. Also, purchase a flat cable if you will take the cable from under the carpet to save space.

Our Top Picks

The factors compressed in the buying guide can be overwhelming for some of you, and finding according to the shown method is also challenging. So to eliminate that problem as well, we have handpicked the best ethernet cable for PS5 that meets the points included in buying guide.

1. UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

UGREEN is a durable braided round cable tested over 10,000+ times in the bending test. It has a 26AWG diameter, a sweet spot in an ethernet cable thickness, providing a balanced mix of durability and flexibility.

The copper wires inside have the protection of four shielded twisted pairs and aluminum foil to counter electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. You will get an assured speed on downloading and playing games.

It is not limited to PS5 only but is compatible with computers, laptops, modems, routers, PS4, PS3, X-Box 360, Xbox X series, Switch, networking switches, ADSL, network adapters, hubs, and other networking devices.


  • Affordable, durable, and reliable
  • Faster data transmission speed
  • Backward compatible with Cat7, Cat6e, Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5


  • Nothing as such

2. Snowkids Flat High-Speed Ethernet Cable

Snowkids Flat High-Speed Ethernet Cable

Snowkids is a flat braided high-speed ethernet cable with Cat 8 standard offering blazing fast speed. You can pass this cable under the carpet or run the ethernet cable through the exterior wall.

The copper transmission wires are covered with PVC protection and an HDPE insulation jacket. You can roam around free while it is under the carpet.

It features gold-plated RJ-45 connectors, not that it will make any significant change in speed. Still, it does eliminate issues of accidental overheating failure and lasts longer than other regular RJ-45 cable connectors.


  • Corrosive-resistant RJ-45 connectors
  • Strong flat design cable
  • Available in multiple lengths options


  • Nothing as such for PS5

3. CNCOB Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

CNCOB Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

CNCOB is a fantastic choice if you need a short-length cable. It is a thick 23AWG ethernet cable with a simple round wire design and is best for indoor use. It is a 6.5ft long cable, and if you want, an even shorter 3ft is also available.

The wire is comparatively heavy due to its thickness which can drag down your router if it’s too lightweight; hence it is suggested to put some weight on the router. The PVC cable material used for the manufacturing makes it waterproof and UV-resistant.

For short-range distance, CNCOB Cat 8 ethernet cable is an absolute choice.


  • Thicker wire lasts long
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Universal compatibility


  • Hard to bend and heavy
Smolink High-Speed Ethernet Cable

Over 5,000+ reviewers trust Smolink ethernet cable; most of them are indoor users and gamers. It features a traditional cable design with bright gold RJ-45 connectors. This cable’s compatibility is versatile and works well with old Cat standard ports.

It provides solid performance when downloading games on PS5 and a lag-free gameplay experience. The cable is also rugged with an FM-PE jacket. It can survive high temperature, high voltage resistance, and harsh exterior weather condition.


  • Top-notch performance with durability
  • Better heat dissipation for PoE application
  • Premium design with great quality


  • Nothing as such for PS5 use

5. QIFGUO Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

QIFGUO Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

QIFGUO is a premium-looking ethernet cable with a bright white color selection for cable and golden connector pins. The speed it will provide is unarguable, and the wire design is flat, yet the build quality is on par. It is not a famous brand; however, its rating tells a different story.

It can prevent external interference and counters crosstalk effectively to deliver a stable connection when you download games on PS5 and play them. The cable is waterproof, has passed the fluke test, and meets ROHS standards, all you get these at very affordable pricing.


  • Extremely durable
  • Reverse compatibility with old Cat standard
  • Stable internet connectivity


  • Nothing


All Cat 8 ethernet cables will deliver the same speed and work on the same frequency as is standard. What you need is a durable, reliable, and performance-oriented cable, and that is what UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable provides. It is the best ethernet cable for PS5.


Q. Is Cat 8 the best option for PS5?

The old Cat standard 5e and 6a will still work like a charm; however, with the shift in gigabyte fiber connection, a Cat 8 cable would be very beneficial as it can handle the data transfer speed up to 40Gbps.

Q. Will gold connectors make any difference?

You won’t see a boost or down in performance. The advantage of a gold connector is its corrosion resistance and less thermal conductivity.

Q. Can I use the Cat 8 ethernet cable with other suitable devices?

Yes. You can use an ethernet cable with other devices like TV (if have an RJ-45 port), computer, laptop, Xbox, servers, etc.

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