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Best Coaxial Cable For CB Radio – Top Rated Coax Cables In 2023




Best Coaxial Cable For CB Radio

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Coax cables are not something you’d compare and discuss with your tech-enthusiast friends, but they are important, nevertheless. Without the right cable, a happy day can suddenly take a frustrating turn because a cheap coax will fail sooner or later. Also, it may affect the transmission and reception of the signal even though you are doing everything else right. 

For a CB radio, thus, you must purchase the best available coaxial cable and that’s what this article revolves around.

Types of Coaxial Cables

Technology has spoiled us in such a way that there’s always a choice. We can choose from the variety based on our specific needs. The same applies to coax cables as well. The most common types are:

  • PL-259: Also known as barrel style coax connections, the PL-259 can plug into all CB radios without problems. It is very common and easy to use. Depending on what you need, you can choose a connection with PL-259 on one end or both.
  • Ring: Ring-style coax cables are also very popular for CB radios. They are suitable for tight mounting because of their lower profile. They have a plastic body and are resistant to weather and moisture changes.
  • Terminal: These are ring-style connections that suit specific circumstances only. They do not have universal applications. They are very clean and aesthetic with a small o-connection.

Quality variations in coaxial cables

That’s right. There’s no exception here – coaxial cables can also be classified based on quality, much like everything else today. 

  • RG-8X coax: These are premium coax cables with a stranded center that makes them very reliable. They are thicker and offer better insulation.
  • RG-58 coax: These are standard coax cables that provide decent shielding and insulation. They are the most popular coax cables around the world.

Advantages of buying a good coax cable

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Minimal signal loss
  • No interference
  • Noise-free signals
  • Better tuning
  • Better transmission quality and range

Best Coaxial Cable For CB Radio

We shall now go through the list of coaxial cables that our experts have shortlisted.

1. RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable – 18 feet

RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable – 18 feetThis is a standard RG-58A/U cable for CB radios from the RoadPro Store. It has molded PL-259 connectors and comes with the following features:

  • The resistance is 50 Ohms.
  • They have incredible moisture protection.
  • The cables have been designed specifically for a single CB antenna with SO-239 studs.
  • The shielding coverage provided is 95%, which is quite good. It takes care of interference and RF leaks.
  • The center is stranded and provides flexibility.
  • Good length
  • Good quality
  • Kink resistance at the coupler ends is not great

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2. RG-58AU Cable for CB Radios

RG-58AU Cable for CB RadiosThis is another gem from the RoadPro Store, designed specifically for Amateur and CB hookups. The 9-inch cable with PL-259 connectors on both ends comes with multiple good features such as the following:

  • These are antenna cables that provide 95% shielding coverage.
  • They are resistant to weather changes and have good moisture protection.
  • You can use them with SO-239 stud mounts.
  • The center conductor is stranded, allowing bending without breaking.
  • In many instances, it provides better transmission than standard cables.
  • Installation may be slightly time-consuming because it plugs in very tightly

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3. CablesOnline RG8X Coax UHF 

CablesOnline RG8X Coax UHF Long cable – check. Premium quality – check. That’s what CablesOnline offers with this RG8X coaxial cable for CB radios. Let’s find out more:

  • The premium cable is a UHF model with male/male connectors.
  • The resistance is 50 Ohms.
  • The low-loss cable is completely molded and has nickel connectors.
  • It is longer than other cables at 20 feet.
  • You can use the cable in a variety of ways right from antenna tuners to jumpers.
  • The cable is made of copper and every connection on the inside is soldered.
  • Good value
  • Excellent connection on both ends
  • Low loss
  • Shielding coverage could have been better

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4. RG-58A/U Coaxial Cables

RG-58A/U Coaxial CablesLook no further if a standard cable is all that you need for your CB radio. This 18-feet male-male cable has PL-259 connectors on both ends and has the following specifications:

  • The cable is suitable for two-way radio, amateur, and CB radio applications.
  • It has molded PL-259 connectors on both ends.
  • It provides almost 100% shielding coverage and protects from interference and RF leaks.
  • The center conductor is quite flexible thanks to the fact that it is stranded.
  • The quality is extremely good because the whole cable is made of copper.
  • Good cable at a good price
  • Basic cable
  • May not work well if there’s too much external noise

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5. BOOBRIE CB Coax Cable – RG58

BOOBRIE CB Coax Cable – RG58It is 49.2 feet long and has UHF male connectors on both ends. The BOOBRIE CB Coax Cable has several more features that will impress you. Let’s go through them:

  • You can use these cables to connect UHF devices together.
  • They are high quality, low loss cables with a flexible center conductor.
  • They are made of pure copper and not any alloy. This makes them highly durable and ensures that the signal loss is almost zero.
  • The gold-plated connectors are ideal for CB ham radio, handheld radio, public radio scanner, FM radio transmitter, amateur radio, car mobile radio transceiver, etc.
  • The manufacturers provide a warranty of 12 months along with a return service.

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You really don’t need to look too far and deep to find good coaxial cables for CB radio. Since we did the research for you, you can simply pick out one of our choices and try it. We are positive you won’t be disappointed. If you have any more doubts, please feel free to leave a comment.

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