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50-Pin SCSI To USB Adapter – 2024 Buying Guide




50 Pin SCSI To USB Adapter

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USB or the Universal Serial Bus is the standard for wired connections today. Every modern computer comes equipped with USB ports to facilitate seamless wired connectivity.

Much before USB became the norm, there was something called the SCSI or Small Computer System Interface, which provided the same connectivity. The world slowly shifted to USB but the SCSI is not yet obsolete. There are still systems that use SCSI. However, USB ports are more practical because they have a variety of uses and also due to the fact that to use USB, you don’t have to reboot your computer.

Now, if you have a SCSI port and are wondering how to bring your computer up to today’s standards of the USB, you have come to the right place. We have put this article together to help you understand what a SCSI is and which adapters you can buy to make the switch.

A Brief About SCSI 

SCSI is a controller that can link different items with one data cable. This process is called daisy-chaining. It comes with an adapter card that uses the PCI expansion slots to connect to the computer. 

Over the years, SCSI evolved quite significantly. At the moment, there are quite a few types:

  • SCSI-1: The original version
  • SCSI-2: Introduced in 1994, there were 2 types: Fast SCSI (10 MB per second, 8-bit parallel bus) and Wide SCSI (20 MB per second, 16-bit bus)
  • SCSI-3: Released in 1996 with double the data speed
  • Ultra-2 SCSI: Had a data rate of 80 MB per second
  • Ultra-3, Ultra-320, and Ultra-640 are the subsequent versions

There are also a few alternatives that you should be aware of here, specifically the SCSI Parallel Interface, which requires 50-pin, 68-pin, or 80-pin connectors. 

Our concentration is going to be on the 50-pin connectors and adapters for the same.

50-Pin SCSI To USB Adapter

You are here for this, we know! Let’s dive right in without any more delays.

1. PTC SCA SCSI Adapter


This tall and sturdy adapter will help you connect your old SCSI bus to the modern USB within no time. It has multiple features that make it a must-have. Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. It mainly functions to convert the 80-pin SCA to SCSI (50 and 68-pin).
  2. The adapter has a jumper setting to cater to the 16 SCSI IDs.
  3. It is compatible with SCA and SCA-2 (only 80-pin).
  4. The 80-pin connector is female.
  5. It has a 4-pin power connector.
  6. Delay start and remote start are two features you can take advantage of.
  7. It is also spindle synchronous.
  8. It has status LED connector pins.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Fairly priced


  • Usage of 68-pin is not smooth, especially under moderate and heavy use

2. Micro SATA Cables – SCSI Adapter

Micro SATA Cables – SCSI Adapter

This is another adapter that you can check out for your needs. It is well-known for being reliable and trust-worthy. Below are some of its main features:

  1. This adapter is for 50 and 80-pin SCSI.
  2. You can use it to connect the SCA 80 female to 50/68 female pin.
  3. It comes with features such as delay start and remote start along with spindle synchrony and LED connector pins to show status.
  4. It also has a jumper setting for around 16 SCSI IDs.
  5. It is an ideal choice for data transfers between 2 devices.


  • Works as expected
  • Good price


  • A few users have said that they received a faulty circuit

3. SATA/IDE to USB 3.0 Adapter

IDE to USB 3.0 Adapter

We shall round off our list with an excellent product, which even Amazon recognizes. It is from the Unitek brand and comes with the following features:

  1. It has 3 ports and has been designed for the 3.5-inch IDE drive.
  2. It comes with a 12 V power cable to ensure adequate power supply.
  3. It supports up to 10 TB of data transfer.
  4. You can expect a maximum speed of 5 Gbps.
  5. You can use 3 hard drives simultaneously with this adapter.


  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Easy to use


  • Nothing

People also ask

In this section, we shall answer a few FAQs that we have received recently on this topic.

1) Can SCSI be converted to USB?

Yes, it can. All you need is an adapter.

2) What is SCSI drive?

SCSI or Small Computer System Interface is an electronic interface that connects the computer to tape drives, CDs, etc.

3) What is a SCSI adapter used for?

You can use a SCSI adapter for various purposes including connecting more SCSI devices to the bus.

4) Which is better – SCSI or SATA?

It depends on what your preferences are. SCSI is good for data transfer and speed while SATA has more capacity.

5) Can I replace a SCSI drive with a SATA drive?

Yes, you can.


If you have a computer with SCSI pins, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because USB has taken over, you can use an adapter to convert them and connect devices to your computer without a problem. Should there be any more questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to speak to us.

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